7 Top Craft Breweries In Northern NSW

Are you a craft beer lover who loves to explore the local breweries for your favourite ales?

Look no further than Northern New South Wales, where you will find an abundance of flavourful craft beers brewed by passionate brewers.

From smooth lagers to excellent ales, this region is packed with some of Australia’s best small-batch breweries.

So, if you’re looking to try something different, check out these top craft breweries in Northern NSW – they are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of beer connoisseurs!

What is a craft brewery?

A craft brewery is a small brewery that produces beer in small batches, often using traditional methods and ingredients. This means that the beer has its specific flavour profile – one that’s far removed from large-scale commercial beers.

Why are craft beers becoming more popular?

Craft beers are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons.

Craft brewers use high-quality ingredients, which produce different and interesting flavours.

Most craft breweries are often local businesses that support their communities by creating jobs and providing opportunities to experience something new.

The small regional areas where these craft breweries are emerging, have seen a change in demographics over the years.

This brings a drinking audience who are moving away from traditional, commercial beers to demanding beers with individual tastes using local ingredients suited to a seasonal climate.

Craft beers typically contain fewer additives than traditional beers – making them a healthier option for those who wish to consume alcohol responsibly.

Top Northern NSW Craft Breweries For Your Discerning Tastebuds

Common People Brewing Co Bangalow

Close up of bartender pouring draft beer in glass

Common People Brewing Co is a craft brewery located in the heart of Bangalow. They brew small-batch ales using locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods, which means that their beers have an exquisite flavour profile.

These Kyogle-born friends like to refer to themselves as common people with diverse backgrounds in chemical engineering, marketing and the music industry and a love of beer.

The team at Common People are passionate about creating innovative and interesting recipes – from smooth lagers to robust porters and IPAs.

If you’re looking for something different and individual, you can sample up to 23 varieties of beer.

The venue also has a kitchen serving up delicious pizzas; a perfect combination with your beer. Live music is returning on weekends and the fireplace will keep you warm in winter.

This is the place to go!

Earth Beer Company Cudgen

Earth Beer Company is a family-run brewery located in the picturesque town of Cudgen. They create handcrafted ales utilising speciality malts, hops and yeast to ensure their beers are full of flavour.

Their range includes pale ales, lagers, IPAs and porters – all made using traditional methods and quality ingredients.

Earth Beer Company is the perfect spot for an afternoon in the sun with friends. The brewery has a beer garden where you can enjoy your favourite ales, live music events and food trucks to keep your stomachs from grumbling.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try one of their experimental brews?

Stone and Wood Brewery Byron Bay

Stone and Wood Brewery of Byron Bay has been creating exceptional craft beers since 2008. Their team is made up of passionate brewers who are dedicated to creating unique and flavourful beers that are as delicious as they are sustainable.

At Stone and Wood, you can sample their award-winning range which includes lagers, ales, stouts and porters.

Stone and Wood Brewery also hosts regular events such as live music days and beer festivals – so there’s always something exciting going on!

Wandana Brewing Co Mullumbimby

Wandana Brewing Co is a craft brewery located in Mullumbimby. They make small-batch ales and lagers, to provide interesting beers for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

At Wandana Brewing Co you can sample their range of ales and lagers as well as special seasonal brews.

Finally, here’s something unusual about the brewery besides its beers

Wandana is the only brewery in the world that plays non-stop music to every beer they make the entire time it’s in the tank.

Researchers have studied the effect of sound vibrations on yeast cells – and found they improve efficiency.

Wandana has custom-made fermenters that each have its own speaker.

Seven Mile Brewing Co Ballina

Seven Mile Brewing Co is a family-run brewery located in Ballina. They pride themselves on using the finest local ingredients to create their range of craft beers, which include pale ales, lagers and IPAs.

The brewery offers regular events such as beer tastings and music nights – so you can sample some of the beers and enjoy some entertainment at the same time!

Food trucks visit every weekend with mouth-watering options available.

And if you love your hops to pack a punch, try the 7.5% ABV West Coast IPA

Ventura Brewing Murwillumbah

Ventura Brewing is a craft brewery located in Murwillumbah. Their team of brewers take great pride in creating special beers that capture the essence of the Northern Rivers region.

Their range of ales and lagers are made with locally sourced malts, hops and yeast to ensure their beers have an exquisite flavour profile.

Ventura Brewing is also Australia’s first artisanal alcoholic kombucha brewery Drink and be healthy!

Live music events and food trucks are a regular feature – so you’ll never be stuck for something to do!

Little Dragon Ginger Beer Byron Bay

Little Dragon Ginger Beer of Byron Bay makes handcrafted ginger beer that is both refreshing and full of flavour. Their team is dedicated to creating the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, to provide a taste that is engrossing and delicious.

Their range includes classic ginger beers as well as fruit-infused varieties such as raspberry and passionfruit.

If you’re looking for something different, why not try their limited-edition seasonal flavours?

And did we mention this drop is gluten free and comes with a 4% bite?

There’s plenty of entertainment options here also including open mic nights.

Craft beer tours without the drive

As a responsible beer drinker, we understand you’ll want to sample a few of the local northern NSW breweries but you won’t drive.

No problem. We have you covered.

Behind The Barrel Byron Bay

There are numerous different tours offered to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you want a full-day experience, or only have the arvo off, they’ve got you covered.

On all of their tours, you’ll get the chance to meet the local artisan brewers and distillers that craft the delicious beverages you will get to try.

These artisans truly love what they do and whether you’re an amateur home distiller, a passionate beer brewer or just have a curiosity for how the process works, there isn’t a better group of people to learn from.

Their tours have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 13 guests. Touring solo?

No worries, your booking will be confirmed once they have filled 2 seats on the tour. Get in touch for more information on larger group sizes.

Ultimately, craft beer is a unique experience in northern NSW. With the vast number of local brewers, you can sample beers from creamy stouts to tropical IPAs, each with its own flavour profile.

Even if you don’t know much about beer, you’ll still find something to enjoy as there is something for everyone.

Craft beer in northern NSW has become more than just a fad in recent years; it has established itself as part of the culture.

From boutique commercial-style breweries to small artisan operations and micro-breweries, craft beer lovers have plenty of choices when it comes to quenching their thirst for good-tasting beer.

So come and explore all that northern NSW has to offer when it comes to craft beer – your tastebuds won’t regret it!

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