About Living Northern NSW

As proud locals, we want to help existing residents and those people considering our Northern NSW region as their new home. We’d noticed a gap in information available online and felt we were well placed to create a valuable resource to help people looking for more information about the character and vibe of the different townships, as well as the amenities available, like hospitals, schools, cafés and shopping.

Moving to and within Northern NSW

Many people who are looking to move from one part of our region to another also feel that it can be difficult to get a true sense of the heartbeat and lifestyle choices that resonate with the people who live in those locations.

Especially since March 2020, the need for more localised information has become vital as thousands of people have considered escaping interstate cities and metropolitan areas to live a quieter life in regional locations, many of which are in our beautiful Northern Rivers and Tweed shires.

Local knowledge and insights

We’ve drawn our information from our network of locals who let us know the real story, not simply online statistics that might not give you the full picture. Our information gives you more lifestyle insights and will help you better understand what it will be like to ‘live like a local’.

Importantly, this website is not designed to attract tourists. Our tourism boards and businesses already do a fantastic job attracting visitors.

From Ballina to the Queensland border

The area covered on the website straddles two regions: the Tweed and Northern Rivers. This is a vast area and we wish we could cover more – and sooner. However, what we’ve covered already will provide a great starting point for anyone interested in towns and villages located north of Ballina on the coast and Casino inland.

Selected Northern Rivers and Tweed towns

So we could get valuable information onto this website as quickly as possible, we started with six different locations and subregions within the area, from Tweed coastal towns like Kingscliff, South Golden Beach and Byron Bay to inland towns like Lismore, Mullumbimby and Murwillumbah.

Each subregion has distinct advantages and we wanted to give people a taste for the different types of lifestyles afforded to people living in Northern NSW. In coming months, we intend to put more towns under the spotlight and share more stories and information from local residents and businesses.

It’s only the beginning …

This website is the beginning of what we hope will become an important and valuable tool for everyone to use. We would love local businesses to register themselves in our business directory to help us all discover them. We also welcome people reaching out to us with ideas as to what you would like us to feature. We are committed to adding new content to the website each month and would love to hear from the people who live in Northern NSW about the events and initiatives that are happening across our region. This is now your platform; please get involved so together we can help promote how much we love living in Northern NSW.

We look forward to bringing you more exciting articles and local insights.

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Julie-Ann Manahan & Team