Common People Brewing – Beer For Common People Tastes

Are you a craft beer enthusiast seeking something out of the ordinary?  If so, then look no further than Common People Brewing in Bangalow.

At Common People Brewing, they specialize in hand-crafted ales and lagers that blend traditional brewing methods with modern ingredients, a lot are locally sourced, to create truly unforgettable beers.

Their focus is on creating flavourful and well-balanced brews with enough character to please the most devout hophead – without being overbearing for those unacquainted with complex flavours.

Why create another beer brewing company?

The gang behind the brewery wanted to bring a little bit of the common people’s culture and lifestyle into their beers.

By crafting beer for everyday tastes, Common People Brewing believe they can make craft brewing accessible to everyone – from those who are just starting on their craft beer journey up to experienced enthusiasts looking for something new.

Commercial breweries cater for the mass market, are produced at scale and can be found at virtually all liquor outlets across Australia.

Boutique, craft breweries are small-batch produced, designed to tantalize the taste buds and are usually found in selected liquor outlets. While you may have to hunt around for these brews, you’ll be so glad you made the effort.

Who’s behind Common People Brewing?

Locals. Born and bred in the area. The Northern Rivers is ingrained into their DNA.

Three couples make up the awesome crew behind the company:

  • Jay Kempnich – General Manager
  • Sophie Kempnich – Tap Room Co-ordinator
  • Drew Tourle – Brewer and Logistics Manager
  • Janelle Morse – Communications Manager
  • Sam Tourle – Head Brewer
  • Karin Tourle – Lab Consultation

The three lads all come from Kyogle, growing up on the same street!

Even though they pursued different careers, their love for beer and the local area brought them back together to bring the region’s best beers to life.

Head brewer Sam has had over a decade of experience at other local breweries and a background in chemical engineering to help finesse their crafted beers.

Local community. Local involvement.

Common People Brewing take pride in being part of their local community.

They collaborate with other businesses and individuals to provide employment opportunities, support charities, and help promote what the Northern Rivers has to offer.

The company sources a lot of their ingredients locally. When making special brews tied into a particular season, like Christmas for example, the brewery will source local blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to give a fuller, richer fruity flavour to their beer.

Bangalow Billycart Derby

Last year, to celebrate this iconic event, Common People Brewing created a special beer for the not-so-faint-hearted beer drinker. Returning in 2023, and coming in at 7.6% ABV, this beer packs a lot of punch; ensuring the billy cart race will not be the only ride that day.

Grab a Billycart Blonde in May and hang on for dear life!

Bangalow cows and their wobbly hooves

What do you do with spent grain?

We allow local farmers to take the product back to their farms as food fodder for their cows.

According to local sources, Bangalow cows are the happiest cows on the planet and produce the best, creamiest milk around.

Perhaps the Common People name will soon include ‘common animals’.

The stories behind each beer

Each beer has a fascinating story behind its creation. The stories are connected to the local Northern Rivers region or spotlight an incident that occurred in days gone by, sprouting memories for the locals and connecting new visitors to the area with its rich culture.

The stunning Protesters Falls are so named as a group of locals lobbied in 1979 against a large area of state forest being logged.

The protest is regarded as a watershed moment in Australia’s environmental movement and is cited as the first time people physically defended a natural resource.

The area is now part of the World Heritage-listed Nightcap National Park and will be preserved for future generations to appreciate.

Look closely at the label on a can of Protesters IPA and you’ll be immediately transported to the area.

Did you love that story? Be sure to check out their other beers – each has an intriguing story attached.

What types of beers are available?

Core range

  • Protesters IPA
  • Black Beach White Ale
  • Villager’s Pale Ale
  • Helles Hole Lager

Current Special Batch Brews

  • The Wreck DIPA
  • Wildwood Dunkel
  • Ankle Biter California Common
  • Black Forest Sour
  • El Sabro Hazy IPA

Returning very soon!

  • Moonless Midnight Stout (returning very soon!)
  • Moonless Midnight Barrel Aged Stout
  • Billycart Blonde

Previous Special Batch Brews

  • Pecan Nut Brown Ale
  • Directors Cut Summer Lager
  • Oktoberfest Marzen Lager
  • Guava and Lilly Pilly Sour
  • ‘Movin’ To The Country Peach Farmhouse
  • Dubbel Drunk Monk

And lots more. Up to 23 beers have been produced to date. As each special batch brew is produced in limited supply, not all are available but may return at any time.

Where can you buy Common People Brewing beers?

Thirty-nine plus stockists from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane are smart enough to keep these ales ready for the ‘common’ beer drinker.

Check out the growing list here.

If you want to partake in a beer or two, check out these venues from Byron Bay Shire to Brisbane pouring your soon-to-be favourite beer.

More than just a brewery – it’s an entertainment precinct.

Commercial beer lounges serving up mass produced beers can be crowded with the sounds of pokie machines pinging in the background or patrons riding home an outsider from the fifth at Randwick.

Craft breweries attract different clientele. They come for boutique beers, but they also like to bring their families and friends and be entertained.

Common People Brewing understands what local ‘common’ people like.

You can gather around with friends, sample the beers and share a pizza. This venue features The Brewer’s Kitchen who serve up delicious food to complement its drinks. This sets this brewery apart from similar brewhouses in the district that rely on spasmodic deliveries from food trucks.

Sit out on the deck and bask in the sun or curl up in front of the fire during winter, this Bangalow brewery has you covered.

Love to be entertained by music from local artists? Check out their website or Instagram page for upcoming entertainers.

When will you visit?

We can all agree that Common People Brewing Co. was something special.

Offering a high-quality selection of craft beers, from IPAs to lagers and stouts, Common People Brewing Co. has a little something for everyone.

Now, more than ever before, Common People is ready to satisfy all their customers’ beer needs with great-tasting brews!

From their attention to detail and innovation in the brewing process, their passion for beer truly shows in their products.

Visit the brewery or order online.

Grab their craft beers, sip on one or two of their award-winning creations, and enjoy the unique atmosphere at Common People Brewing Co.

As always, they strive to build relationships between common people of the Northern Rivers through their craft beers that are tailored to fit the ‘common person’s tastes whether they’re looking for an exceptional way to relax or just have fun!

So, if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to pick up some fresh beer or try out some new flavours, come by today!

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