How to get home buyers in the door

When you’re selling your home, you need to get as many potential buyers as possible to attend your home open-for-inspection days. How you present the exterior of your property has a huge impact on buyers, as it makes your home stand out from other properties for sale in the area.

Here’s how to give your home street appeal and ensure maximum attendance at your home inspections.

Why street appeal matters

You might get sick of hearing it, but first impressions last. Most potential buyers who are interested in your property will drive or walk past it before deciding whether or not to attend a home inspection.

You want your home to grab their attention instantly, so you need to ensure the front and visible sides of your property are pristine and well-maintained if you want it to have maximum street appeal.

Home improvements to make before selling

Many of the most important repairs to make before selling a house are the street appeal solutions. ‘Kerb appeal’ is essential due to the extremely competitive property market; to stand out from the competition, you need to know how to improve the front of your house.

There are several details to which you need to pay particular attention if you want to improve the street appeal of your property:

1. Letterbox

The letterbox should be fully functional, attractive-looking and in good condition. If necessary, invest in a new, fancy letterbox to catch the eye of passers-by. Finally, make sure it is free of newspapers and mail, so the exterior of your home looks tidy and well cared-for.

2. Windows

Windows add immensely to the street appeal of homes, as they offer a view into your property. The windows need to be spotlessly clean, and you can make your home appear more stylish from the outside by having matching blinds at the front of the house.

3. Paintwork

Peeling or faded paintwork makes your home look uncared-for, and it’s amazing how much difference a coat of paint can make to your property’s street appeal. Choose a modern colour, and if you want to make a style statement, paint the front door in a contrasting colour so it stands out. Of course, if your paintwork is fine but a bit tired-looking, a good pressure clean will brighten everything without the cost of new paint.

4. Roof

Buyers want to see that the roof is in good condition, so make sure any broken or loose tiles are replaced. Then have the roof pressure-cleaned to make it look like new.

5. Garage

Make sure the outside of the garage looks clean and tidy, and give the garage door a fresh coat of paint. You should also consider parking your car in the garage instead of on the driveway, as this will make the front of your house look tidier and more attractive.

6. Garden

The garden needs to look well-maintained, so you need to get rid of any weeds, dead plants and stray leaves. Keep the lawn mowed and lay new mulch. For maximum street appeal, consider hiring a professional to transform your garden with considered landscaping.

Marketing your street appeal

Once the exterior of your home is perfect, it’s time to have your photographs taken and put online. Your home will have that ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ street appeal that buyers want to see.

This is the best way to get people through the door at your home inspections. Once the outside of your property is presented well enough to convince buyers to check out the inside, your agent can meet them and sell your property to them.

More street appeal ideas

We are always happy to help you prepare your home for sale by advising you on how to give your property maximum street appeal for the local market. Please contact us if you would like more advice and support.